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FIT FOOD the healthy and easy way to eat right!

Fit food is a belgian dynamic, family owned processing company of vegetarian and organic vegetarian meat substitutes. The Fit food brand offers a wide range of vegetarian delicacies: Deli slices – cold cuts, burgers, sausages, cubes, strips, sausage to slice, convenience, toast, etc. Fit food is based on wheat, vegetables, cereals, eggwhite, rich in omega 3, no soy (0%), no meat (0%) & organic. The company is continuously looking to expand the distribution of Fit food. Fit food the healthy and easy way to eat right!
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FIT FOOD – Basic Business sprl - Z.I. Tournai Ouest 2, 39 rue de la terre à briques
B-7522 Blandain (Tournai) - Phone +32 69 84 87 00 - Email: